Knowledge & Resources

We help our clients understand available insurance options for Commercial Trucking operations as well as provide key insights into the factors affecting pricing.  Our agents will work with you to equip you with a general understanding of the required and available coverage to protect you and your business, while also providing "insider" details about how insurance companies view risk in the trucking industry.  Learn how to optimize your insurance expenses and stay equipped for the road ahead. 

● Filing for your Motor Carrier authority:

    ○ Legal Entity

    ○ Other Considerations

● Required Coverage

    ○ Regulatory

    ○ Industry Standards

● Rates

    ○ Biggest Influencing Factors

    ○ Timing

        ■ Decide Before You Shop

        ■ What To Buy When

● Violations  

    ○ Impact  

    ○ Examples

● How to “Shop” for Insurance

    ○ Direct to Insurance Company

    ○ Agent

● Underwriting

    ○ Data Availability

    ○ Pre vs Post Underwriting

● Optional Coverage

● “Scheduled”  

    ○ Power Units

    ○ Drivers

● Policy Exclusions  

● Payment Considerations

    ○ Available Discounts

    ○ Installment Plans

        ■ Insurance Company Direct

        ■ Premium Finance Company

    ○ Cancellation

        ■ Impact of Federal Filings

        ■ Removal of Covered Units