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About Transport Station

About Us:  Transport Station LLC​​:“KEEP DRIVING!”   Transport Station LLC is an independent insurance agency located in Cumming, GA.  ​Our mission is to help business owners start strong and grow profitably. One way we do that is by providing insurance solutions that meet regulatory requirements as well as optional coverage focused on protecting your long term goals.

Independent Agency: 

● We are an independent insurance agency, which means we can get quotes from multiple insurance companies in order to find the best rates for our clients. 

● No agency has special rates, however rates vary widely from insurance company to insurance company and also can be impacted by available discounts, specific coverage requested, and variety of other factors. 

● Transport Station specializes in Commercial Trucking Insurance and our experience helps us use the referenced factors to get the best rates available for each client.


Insurance Coverage Common To Commercial Trucking:

Auto Liability​:  Covers damage or injury to person or property of ​someone else​ that is caused by the insured while in their vehicle.  This is the primary coverage required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and other operating authorities.

Cargo Insurance​:  Covers damage to someone else’s cargo while under the care and control of the insured.

Physical Damage​ (Comprehensive & Collision):  Covers damage to a person’s own vehicle (or trailer, etc.)

Uninsured/Under-Insured Motorist:​  Covers you and your vehicle when someone else is at fault but they have no insurance, or not enough insurance to cover the loss. 

General Liability:​  Covers damage you do to other people or property while ​outside​ your vehicle. 

“Bob-tail” or Non-Trucking Liability​: Covers a company driver when not under dispatch.


Other Options for Business Owners:

● Life Insurance & Retirement Planning

● Commercial Property Coverage

● Contingent Broker Liability Coverage

● Garagekeepers Coverage

● Employer's Liability Coverage

● More...


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Tom Loftus

President / Agent

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Daniel Boccia

Rest in Power (1Timothy 6:12)


Sarah Jefson


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Kevin Loftus

VP Tech & Affiliate Relations


Gerry Lopez

Client Relations Specialist


John F Kadamus

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